sábado, 8 de outubro de 2011

Be you - life is too short to be anybody else

Life's too short for slow motions.
Too fast for replays.
Live on the edge.
Live every moment.
And in the end there will be no regrets.
Be stupid.
Act dumb.
Laugh until it hurts.
Hug the people you love.
Practice the kissing.
Run in a cliff.
Do the zumba.
Grow up.
Act like a child.
Act like a monkey.
Act like yourself.
Embrace the rain.
Listen to the wind.
Feel the sun in your veins.
Go with the flow.
Go against everything.
Just be you - all the time - and you know it will always be fine.


3 comentários:

  1. e isso é a essencia !!
    Se precisares manda email que explico querida :)

  2. Tenho dois selos para ti aqui: http://babyteen94.blogspot.com/2011/10/selos.html


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