quinta-feira, 18 de dezembro de 2014

Careless mind

He had something different on his eyes. Probably it was just the drugs he took kicking in, making his heart race faster, his pupiles dilate, his muscles contract, and that look... No one had ever looked at me like he did right then. 
He was sitting on a corner of the coffe shop, loking through the window, right at me. He was not alone. I could see a girl there with him, same expression on her face. They were both lost in a world I did not knew, and what a world that must have been. And our eyes, mine and his, couldn't move away from each other, meaning I was probably lost in his world with him. He seeked for me, and he could not reach me, as I could not reach him. We were strangers and yet I've never felt so close to anyone.
What did that say about me, I wondered. What could it say about anyone that the person that has ever gave you more chills in your entire live was a drug addict? I couldn't know, but I was pretty sure it meant I was a freak, and if so, then let me be a freak, because it felt freakin' great.
And wile I was lost in my own free of drugs world, the girl got up and kissed him. A soft kiss that made him look away. A warm kiss that separated us. A wet kiss that kept me out of his world, and our eyes never met again.

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