segunda-feira, 24 de agosto de 2015

M o n d a y

Nobody ever writes about the girls that follow the rules. Those who never went to a high school party after carefue, those girls who never got to classes late. And why is that? Because those girls don’t really have a story to tell. Or do they?
I’ve always been one of those girls, so I know what being that girl feels like. It sucks. There is no other way to put it, it’s just awful.
Girls like me have dreams. But they never actually do anything to follow them, and that is one hell of a mistake. I mean, how come I beat those other spermazoides. One of them was probably gonna be the next Megan Fox, or even Mother Teresa. They would have done something that mathers, but tchanam! I won! How come I won then and I’m tottaly failling at everything in life right now?
So I wanna tell you about me. Just in case you are this person too, and this comes as a wake up call. (If you are that person, you’re welcome btw)
I’m the girl that never kissed a boy in high school. I’m also the girl that went to like 2 parties until the age of sixteen. Yes, i tis that bad. And the thing is, by then, I didn’t enjoy myself by going out with other people. Maybe that’s not too bad, but it certnly had na impact in my life, and in the person I’m today.
Instead of going outsider and playing with kids my age, I was the girl sitting at the table reading a book. I’m also the one that hatted those weddings where they sit the kids all toghether so they bound. Bull shit. I couldn’t care less about those idiots, they were just too noisy.
I’m the one who never goes dancing when someone invites her (ok fine, this days I can say yes, it depends on how much I’ve got to drink), and I also am the one who likes to spend family hollidays.
So looking back, there are some good things, and some bad ones, but in the end you can just say I’m boring. So here is my advice: if you’re this person, I’m not saying to stop being like that at all, but interacte with people some more, because one day, when you reallixe it, you’ll be a twenty yo individual spending a great part of your summer vacations sitting at home, watching movies about other people lifes. Lifes that are actully worth making movies about.
Don’t forget that.

Happiness is not gonna come to you, you have to chase it. (Do what I say, don’t do what I do, fits here like a glouve).


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